Garlic Peeling Machine Price

Garlic Peeling Machine Price

Garlic Peeling Machine Price is precisely designed and developed from finest quality components from our dedicated market vendors who supply world class standards of raw materials. The machines due to its robustness, durable performance and consistency,extensively recommended by various clients. And it is in demand in the market because of its excellent features.

We are proud for our Garlic Machines as admired and inspired by everyone for its speedy performance. With 98% accurate functionality and efficiency. We include fully computerized control panel and automated temperature control panel there are 50% less power consumption.

An easy to operate for peeling big amount of garlic in one process. From creating machine with excellent features. The machine can let you make or peeled more garlic as it is per-programmed designs, make your job easier to finished.

To make you familiar with the machine upon the purchase we will show the demo in our factory. The function of the machines, its settings and other parts. An automatic operated machine so its easy for you to remember the steps. Even the higher models and more in capacity can be pretty easy to operate and you don’t have the headache in learning how the machines works.

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Garlic Peeling Machine Price Features:

  • Completely automatic garlic peeling operation
  • Works on compressed air, Energy saving unit
  • Very compact
  • High production efficiency
  • Easy for maintenance and cleaning
  • Automatic temperature control and in feed device
  • Easy to operate
  • Can peel different size of garlic, clove and membrane separated
  • Suitable for complete production line or single station working
  • No damages and will have long preservation for garlic
  • Production output according to varieties from breed, season and nature of garlic


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